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Although temperature, nozzle and other settings vary from machine to machine, our testers have provided hands on settings that have worked well with our filament.  Find those settings here.

Yes.  We offer trial reels in every color.  These are usually end of day reels, meaning they are of the same quality, and diameter, the spool may contain from 400-560g.  Shipping is FREE when you buy three (3) or more trial reels.

We will ship anywhere in the world.  We are located in North Texas, and use flat rate shipping to continental United States address, Shipping for 1-4 reels is $9.85, 4-8 reels is $19.86 and FREE above 9 reels.

We cannot promise delivery dates unless you pay for expedited services.  We use the US Postal Service and ship from Texas.  Standard shipping times are 3-5 days. 

Orders received by 1:00 Central will be shipped the same day.  You will receive confirmation of your shipment and a tracking number.

Yes. We plan to offer up to 32 different colors and will soon be adding other filaments like ABS and PETG.  We are looking into a very strong dual material (not a mixture or blend) so stay tuned.

Have a question you don't see here? Drop us a line at: mike@mofco3d.com