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January 31, 2021 2 min read

Hey followers. Welcome back! In this segment, you’re going to learn how we discovered the KEY to making filament. Keep in mind that up to this point (and even moving forward) we haven’t had the help from ANYONE in the additive manufacturing community. I’ve reached out to every contact I have, posted on LinkedIn Groups and not a single person or organization offered any help…until my raw material supplier provided a key suggestion that propelled us over the hump of being able to manufacture filament…but our struggles weren’t over.

A pivotable moment

Now that we’ve cleared several hurdles, we had resin flowing, we STILL couldn’t get it into the warm water bath. It was either being washed away by the overflow tube or “log-jamming” back against the die head creating “clumps” that wouldn’t allow us to start a crisp, clean feed into the warm water bath (this makes it perfectly round). We consulted with our raw material supplier and they mage suggestions that allowed us to make 3D printer filament.


What’s a tensioner? So now, I understand how to get the completed filament onto the tensioner. But, although I’ve figured out how it works to allow me to change spools, I can’t figure out WHY this damn machine won’t let me make a full 1Kg spool before returning to home base and only giving me ½ a reel. DAMNIT….we were able to last week? It wasn’t until I discovered how the tensioner worked. I realized you have to wait for it to work the filament out (it allows it to air dry and reduce its adhesive characteristics). It provides the proper tension so your reels aren’t recoiling on you. I figured that out too! We’re close, but still not over the learning stage!

Biggest complaint

The final and most critical thing we learned was the importance of vacuuming sealing to you, the end-user. One of the biggest complaints we ran across was reels arriving “unsealed”. Well, we made that one of our priorities. In fact, while in the testing stages, we discovered irregularities that our quality shouldn't be compromised and we repackaged every single one of our first runs to ensure YOU were satisfied. Quality and customer service are number one with MOFCO 3D so we want to ensure your filament arrives in a tightly vacuum sealed package protecting it from moisture. You can rest assure, that your reel has been protected from moisture since the moment it came off the line.


Well, there you have it. The 11 things that almost closed us before we opened. Thanks for taking the time to read about the early days of MOFCO 3D. If you have any other questions, comments or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to send me an email to: mike@mofco3d.com

Mike Cipriani
Mike Cipriani

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